How To Choose Electives For Your Homeschooling Child

Electives can be made the fun part for your homeschooling kids. Your kids need not be in high school to use electives. But, they need to be in the 7th grade or above, in order for the electives to be counted as credits. Art, cooking, music, sewing, community projects and knitting for children in elementary school are considered to be electives and these activities make homeschooling interesting and fun. There is no end to the possibilities that are present in electives.

Before taking up any electives, just check with your state to determine the electives best suited for the child. This needs to be done to be on safer side. Many states do not care, as long as the child is satisfying the requirements for a high school diploma. Some of the electives are:

. Home economics
. Carpentry
. Photography
. Music, solo or participation in an orchestra or band
. Swimming
. Horticulture
. Auto shop
. Arts
. Sports, individually or participation in leagues
. Personal finance and business math.

The list is endless and the only limitation you may have as a parent, besides the state law, is yourself. Electives can spice up the homeschool days because the core courses are important, as they are the focus, but it is the electives that round up the curriculum, providing additional skills. There are some factors that you need to keep in mind before you choose any electives:

. Law of the state you are living in: You need to follow it and document the course activities.

. Program for homeschooling: If you are using any program.

. Colleges: If it is a high school elective and if your child is going to consider further education, then the admission department will be more than happy to help.

Once you have considered these factors, you need to plan. The first thing you need to do is to choose two or three possible ideas and then consider the interests, weaknesses and strengths of your child. Contemplate on:

. How you can take up the elective

. Whether it will be individually, with the help of a co-op or a tutor

. The amount of time you need for it, as it should be enough to constitute an entire course.

. If you want to combine the elective with some complimentary activities, for instance, health may include a community CPR class and a textbook. Whichever elective you choose, you need to see if you can afford it. If you feel that there is a need of some outside sources, then they should be available locally. You should see if any of the activities eventually affects your family life.

For instance, if your daughter wants to take up ice-skating, it could be an excellent way for her to benefit from the physical exercise and education and she can also capitalize on her athleticism and natural grace. But all this will require ice and an instructor and with the rink an hour away, it could be a problem for you. You could urge her to take up ballet lessons instead. No matter what you choose and how you manage, the only limitation is your creativity.

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